Bereavement Services with Excel Hospice Care for Amador, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Placerville, Roseville, Sacramento, and Surrounding Areas

Bereavement Services by Excel Hospice Care, Inc.
Losing a loved one is a deeply personal experience; one that people deal with many different ways. Excel Hospice Care offers a number of bereavement services designed to provide grief support while helping loved ones find a way to go forward after a loss.

Grief has no timeline. While some may wait days or weeks after the death of a loved one before grief sets in, others may begin the grieving process while their loved one is under hospice care. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Excel Hospice Care offers a variety of bereavement services ranging from support groups and counseling to supportive resources and workshops. Our Bereavement Coordinator will work with you to explain the details and help you identify which grief support services are right for you.

What is a Bereavement Coordinator?

A bereavement coordinator is a counselor specifically trained in the grief and loss process.  Their purpose is to help educate and counsel families after their loved one’s death and/or provide support and education to patients and families as they are going through changes in the disease process.  The purpose of the bereavement coordinator will be to facilitate a normal grieving process and to help individuals identify outside support systems, with the eventual goal of preparing individuals and families to cope healthfully and independently.

Patients and families who are in the midst of, or have had recent, multiple losses or a family crisis, may be more likely to benefit from bereavement services earlier on in the Excel Hospice Care Inc. program.  The coping process of children, especially those in the home environment of the patient, will be continually evaluated—as they may need more education and support related to the dying process.

Bereavement services include:

  • One-on-one or family counseling visits with a focus on processing grief and loss events (both past and present) and evaluating and identifying positive ways to cope with support systems already in use.
  • Phone support contacts
  • Education and information on the grieving process (including newsletters)
  • Referral to outside support groups, counselors, agencies and resources.
  • Bi-annual Memorial Services for Excel Hospice Care Inc. patients who have passed

Who is eligible for the bereavement program?

  • Any patient currently on Excel Hospice Care Inc. services
  • Any primary caregiver of Excel Hospice Care Inc. patient (both currently on service or who has passed)
  • Any person identified by the primary caregiver, or by the patient himself/herself who could use additional support (ie. family member, friend, significant other, spouse, roommate, etc.) If this individual does not live within the counties of the Excel Hospice Care Inc.  program, the bereavement coordinator may choose to do phone support or may refer the individual to a local hospice in their area where they can receive services.
  • Nursing home facilities and staff
  • On a case-by-case basis, the bereavement coordinator may provide services to non-Excel Hospice Care Inc. caregivers or patients in the community, who are not eligible for other bereavement services and in need of counseling, support, and education

When can services begin?

As soon as the patient is admitted to Excel Hospice Care Inc. services:

  • A bereavement assessment of the risk/needs of the patient and primary caregiver will be offered by the nurse upon admission—patients and families have a right to decline the initial contact by the bereavement coordinator.
  • If the assessment is accepted, the bereavement coordinator will contact whoever is identified as in need of bereavement services within 5 days of the admission to Intra Care Hospice Inc. They will arrange a visit and afterwards create a plan of care with the assigned person who will receive bereavement services—the plan of care will outline how frequently they will follow-up with the individual, and if it will be by mail, phone, or visit.

Start at any time during the Excel Hospice Care program:

  • Even if the patient or caregiver initially declines services, bereavement services can be started at any time during the hospice program, at the request of the primary caregiver or patient. Let any staff member know that you are interested and the bereavement coordinator can get in touch with you!

After your loved one has passed:

  • The bereavement coordinator will call whoever is listed as the primary caregiver within 15 days after your loved one has passed.
  • The bereavement coordinator will offer to coordinate a visit in one month to whoever the primary caregiver determines may benefit from on-going bereavement support.
  • During that visit, a plan of care will be completed that may include on-going mailings, phone contacts, and/or visits.
  • If you would like to decline visits, the bereavement coordinator will still send quarterly bereavement newsletter mailings and a special holiday mailing for the next 13 months—the caregiver may decline any future contact if they like.
  • An invitation to the next memorial service will also be mailed.
  • Visits can be requested at any time by calling the main number—(916) 693-6428.
  • Bereavement services are available up to 13 months after your loved one has passed and can continue, in certain circumstances, even after 13 months.
  • Anyone receiving bereavement services will receive a closing letter after 13 months to let you know of the end to the bereavement services.

The primary focus of Excel Hospice Care Inc. bereavement  program is to assist individuals:

  • Examine normal reactions to grief
  • Identify and express feelings associated with the loss of a loved one
  • Facilitate one’s ability to live without the deceased
  • Provide emotional and counseling support
  • Transform the pain of loss into a renewed hope for living

The fourteen-month bereavement program at Excel Hospice Care Inc. may include the following services:

  • Individual, child, teen and family counseling. Four counseling sessions will be offered to the primary hospice bereaved at no cost.
  • Information to help you cope through the grief process
  • Psychoeducational Groups – Seasons of the Heart is a weekly series for adults designed to give information about grief and loss, provide healthy ways to mourn, and to find support and hope.
  • Memorial services and coping with the Holidays
  • Practical workshops to develop new skills necessary to cope with life without the deceased

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